+39 335 60 82 682
made in Valenza
since 1958
Giuseppe "Beppe Barzizza" was a unique creative person. And not only as an entrepreneur. He loved organizing and bringing together the single individuals who he encountered. He had a great natural capacity for communication and always provided a service to the community with boyish enthusiasm and the experience of a life spent in the forefront, he established both amateur cycling and football teams.

Understanding yet determined, he had a rare intuitive ability for discovering hidden talent and for bringing it to light nurturing it with care and attention. Many people attribute to him the discovery of themselves and their predisposition in both work and free time.

He was a person of simplicity and shrewdness with a rare gift of being able to listen to and guide others at the right moment towards the right choices.

On first meeting him his simplicity could deceive: in reality Barzizza was a man of refined culture and taste, and of the elegance born of the essential. And whoever had the privilege of knowing him was left with a great gift: the art of creating beauty and harmony. Not only in precious jewellery but also and above all in life.