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made in Valenza
since 1958
Mr. Giuseppe Barzizza (1933 - 2009) after a ten-year apprenticeship (started in 1947) with the best firms of the period (In chronological order Lenti – Rana e Molina, Pessina Dionigi, Ugo Mensi e Giovanni Tagliacarne) founded the company Barzizza & Capra in 1958 with Mr. Aurelio Capra (Born 1934), which initially produced classic jewellery mountings for prestigious companies in Valenza up to 1961.

From that moment on, also thanks to the collaborations of Parisian designers, the company dealt with personal creations and foreign markets under its own trademark (869/AL); in particular Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and Spain .

In 1970 the two founders formed a partnership with Mr. GianPiero Ponzone (1935 - 2015) and the company became Barzizza Capra & Ponzone which operated with success until its winding up at the end of 1996; the year in which Mr. Giuseppe Barzizza with his son Mauro (who had worked as an employee salesman in the historical company ) became the present-day Barzizza & C. srl.