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made in Valenza
since 1958
The company BARZIZZA & C. srl - Trademark 3494/AL – constituted in form of S.r.l in 1996 , has its roots in the preceding Barzizza & C. constituted in 1958 by Sig. Giuseppe Barzizza. The founder began his apprenticeship in 1947 with the best master-goldsmiths of Valenza. In 1958 the company was founded with talented and above all experienced partners , initially producing classic jewellery mounts for important firms in Valenza. From 1961 the company devoted itself entirely to the production of jewellery , finishing with its introduction to the wholesale market , through the constant effort of one of the partners ; which still takes place today , after the transfer of the company from one generation to the next in nineties. With an excellent image , fame and wide patrimony of knowledge and experience , the firm continues to produce and sell directly to the retailers in Europe , United States and Japan with a high export percentage.

The firm produces very limited series and unique jewelry pieces , distinguishing itself for the very good quality of stones used together with the manufacture which is finished off accurately. The manufacture is strictly handmade and varies from necklaces , barcelets , ear-rings , to brooches, pendats , rings and cufflinks constantly searching the right modeling and fulfilment of the particular objects also developed in unison with the client's ideas.

Constantly in search of shapes that synthesize beauty and oneness, we believe that the jewel must be created to decorate the body and therefore must assume a precise identity to reach this primary role. In this way the jewel becomes an extension of the personality of she who wears it. Our precious creations are designed and realized with the woman who will wear it in mind: a modern woman is sophisticated but also sentimental and a dreamer. For this reason there are lines that countersign the different collections, from the classical one to the romantic one from the figurative one to the geometric one: many sided and versatile shapes that embrace different styles and subjects with the purpose of being able to satisfy our vast client market. Our jewels are realized in different tonalities of gold, united with precious, semi-precious and hard stones. Their execution is based on traditional methods, technology and perfection.

This page from the newspaper "Il Piccolo di Alessandria" dated September 6, 1958 reports, among other news, the creation of the company Barzizza e Capra, which gave rise to the current Barzizza & C. S.r.l.. On the side the enlargement of the news highlighted in yellow.