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made in Valenza
since 1958
The company BARZIZZA & C. srl - Trademark 3494/AL – constituted in form of S.r.l in 1996 , has its roots in the preceding Barzizza & C. constituted in 1958 by Sig. Giuseppe Barzizza. The founder began his apprenticeship in 1947 with the best master-goldsmiths of Valenza.
The firm produces very limited series and unique jewelry pieces , distinguishing itself for the very good quality of stones used together with the manufacture which is finished off accurately. Our jewels are realized in different tonalities of gold, united with precious, semi-precious and hard stones.
Company philosophy
Barzizza & C. is a firm highly concentrated on the research and development of a design suitable to meet the market's requirements, as far as fashion, quality, service and economy are concerned. The design, the estimated costs and the readiness of execution are part of their services.
Historical Valenza Goldsmiths Companies Archives
To ... a Gentleman
Giuseppe "Beppe Barzizza" was a unique creative person. And not only as an entrepreneur. He loved organizing and bringing together the single individuals who he encountered. He had a great natural capacity for communication and always provided a service to the community with boyish enthusiasm and the experience of a life
Historical GALLERY
Mr. Giuseppe Barzizza (Born 1933) founded the company Barzizza & Capra in 1958 with Mr. Aurelio Capra, which initially produced classic jewellery mountings for prestigious companies in Valenza up to 1961.